Cleaning machine

Cleaning machine


  • Cleaned track width 350 mm
  • Efficiency 1300 m2/h
  • Clean and recovery water tank 15 l + 17 l
Cleaning machine

Cleaning machine


  • Cleaned track width 500 mm
  • Efficiency 1950 m2/h
  • Clean and recovery water tank 55 l + 55 l
Self propelled cleaning machine

Self propelled cleaning machine


  • Cleaned track width 560 mm
  • Efficiency 3080 m2/h
  • Clean and recovery water tank 70 l + 70 l
Self Propelled cleaning machine

Self Propelled cleaning machine


  • Cleaned track width 850 mm
  • Efficiency 5525 m2/h
  • Clean and recovery water tank 112 l + 115 l

What makes us unique?


Higher efficiency

The Scrubber Dryer ZAUBER high-tech and sophisticated devices are appropriate to different kinds of surfaces and objects. Thanks to technical parameters the efficiency and reliability make them unique in the comparison with the others offered on the market. The dryers are offered both in battery and cable option.


Intuitive service

The Scrubber Dryer ZAUBER makes the operation friendly and intuitive. The panel control is simply and well-organized, getting the manual instruction is very easy and not complicated.


Innovative solution

The Scrubber Dryer ZAUBER are high-tech and sophisticated devices created on the following focus: EKO system, CPR system, ergonomic body, simple panel control, high efficiency and agility.